web design / digital concierge / iOS development

We can help with:

  • business analysis & project management
  • digital concierge services
  • website design & domain registration
  • iOS app development
  • social media configuration & curation
  • personalised email & encryption
  • eCommerce
  • SEO & marketing
  • IT support, Infosec & much more...

Let dataclones design, develop and deploy your digital solution for you...

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Digital Concierge Services

Smartphones, pads and pods are a necessary part of modern everyday life, and can start to feel like they have overtaken our lives. Unsure how to set up those Social Media accounts, or how to get your emails on your shiny new devices? Don't have the time to stay on top of all those updates? How do you get your music online? What is this Cloud thingy I have to sign into? How do I connect these things to my home computer?

If you're feeling left out or left behind, then let dataclones get you up to speed.

We'll take care of the setup, configuration, syncing and backups that are needed to keep your devices running smoothly, and if you want we'll show you how to do it too.


Be more responsive

At the end 2016 the majority of online traffic originated from mobile devices. Your website has to be built for mobile first with a responsive design, or you risk alienating mobile users by presenting a website that is unusable on small screen devices.

A responsive website does not have to cost a fortune or take months to create. Using enterprise grade third party services, dataclones provides simple, cost effective, yet professional solutions that can be deployed within a relatively short time frame, work across all devices and integrate seamlessly with your social media.


We'll take the pain out of Social Media

We can help you set up your social media accounts, curate content and acquire a following. so that your business can engage with your customers.


Native iOS apps

dataclones build native apps for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. 




"committed to making the world a better place, one app at a time"






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