simon dillon


Nearly all developers are competent coders and most designers tend to be quite ethical, but the problem is that they nearly always lack experience outside the world of software. This can mean that when it's time to solve your business problems with technology, most find it hard to relate to your needs and are unable to bridge the gap.


He founded dataclones based upon his time spent within the banking, corporate and retail sectors. This real-world entrepreneurial experience outside of the realm of tech gives him the insight and ability to perform an in-depth business analysis of your requirements, before creating your solution: by ensuring he fully understands your business, you can be confident that you will end up solution that you actually need.




Mobile specialists dedicated to staying abreast of the latest functionality and innovations, always striving to make the most of the newest technologies and digital trends, totally committed to design and build excellence, evident in the attention to detail found in the amazing websites and apps they produce.